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PLDT ★ Throttling Video Streams? ★ Problem Solved?

PLDT ★ Throttling Video Streams? ★ Problem Solved?

Is PLDT throttling video streaming? Well, based on my experience today, I think it does because watching videos online today was bad.

PLDT ★ Throttling Video Streams? ★ Problem Solved?

Except for YouTube, all the video sharing sites that I went to, to watch a video were buffering and it was not just some simple buffering. It was bad buffering.

The buffering was so bad that I couldn't even watch a video because it was buffering for 1 minute and play for a few seconds then it will go back to buffering again.

It was absolutely ridiculous and I have no idea why it was happening except maybe for PLDT throttling video sharing sites not named YouTube.

The only reason I was able to enjoy watching videos from other video sharing sites was when I used Hotspot Shield. For some reason, the buffering simply disappeared.

With Hotspot Shield active, the videos loaded at full speed and I was able to watch and enjoy them without stopping every few seconds.

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure if PLDT is deliberately throttling other video sharing sites but, it doesn't matter because I can just use Hotspot Shield and the buffering goes away.

So, do you feel that PLDT is throttling video sharing sites? Share your answers as well as you comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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