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President Rodrigo Duterte ★ Wants You To Kill Drug Dealers

President Rodrigo Duterte ★ Wants You To Kill Drug Dealers

In his speech during his Victory Party, President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte, in regards with Drug Dealers who are resisting arrests or violent in anyway, encouraged people to shoot and kill these Drug Dealers.

President Rodrigo Duterte ★ Wants You To Kill Drug Dealers

I think the newly elected President is trying to paint a very bloody regime by involving the public in his quest to eliminate Illegal Drug Trade here in the Philippines.

For one, it's very dangerous for the public or any citizen to get physically involved in any kind of Drug Busting Activity because Drug Dealers are well connected, well armed and they are obviously not going to hesitate to shoot and kill anyone.

Encouraging the Public or the Citizen to report Drug Dealers and rewarding them for their efforts is one thing but encouraging them to become Armed Law Enforcers when they're not is a very, very dangerous thing.

I'm sure President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte just want to show that he is serious about eliminating Illegal Drug Trade in our country but, sometimes, he says really dangerous things that can get people killed and their families in danger.

Honestly, reporting Drug Dealers or even Drug Lords is already very dangerous for you and your family. Now, imagine doing the killing yourself. That's like getting out of the frying pan and jumping into the flames.

So, for those who are still watching this video, are you thinking of putting yourself and your family in danger by hunting down and killing Drug Dealers? Share your thoughts as well as you comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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