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Jeremy Lin To New York Knicks ★ These Rumors Are Nothing But CRAP!

Jeremy Lin To New York Knicks ★ These Rumors Are Nothing But CRAP

Jeremy Lin joining Carmelo Anthony and Porzingis to form Knicks Big Three. CRAP!
Jeremy Lin quickly becomes better fit for Knicks. CRAP!
New York to acquire Jeremy Lin this summer? CRAP!

Jeremy Lin To New York Knicks ★ These Rumors Are Nothing But CRAP!

These are just some of the headlines many websites are posting about Jeremy Lin's Free Agency destination this summer when it comes to the New York Knicks and, in my opinion, they are all CRAP!

As much as I want for Jeremy Lin to return to a bigger stage like the city of New York, we all know that the main guy in that team is not Phil Jackson but Carmelo Anthony.

Jeremy Lin might not have a problem with Carmelo Anthony but can we say the same thing about Carmelo Anthony? The guy who reverse Karate Chopped Jeremy Lin on the face in their last game for no apparent reasons?

Seriously, you don't reverse Karate Chop or uppercut someone if your intention was to simply stop him from making an easy lay-up.

Nah! I don't think Jeremy Lin will be happy in New York playing alongside Carmelo Anthony and I think Jeremy Lin is more about enjoying his time in the NBA than playing with Superstars with BIG HEADS.

NBA Superstars With Big HEADS

Jeremy Lin proved that when he played for the Charlotte Hornets at a bargain price but he obviously enjoyed playing for the team and even said he'll take a discount just to return.

I don't agree with him taking a discount because he is already getting paid really low compared to the level of impact he brings or brought to the team this last season.

By the way, I have nothing against New York Knicks fans. In fact, they were great fans to Jeremy Lin when Jeremy Lin was still in New York.

I just don't think Jeremy Lin will be happy playing in New York while Superstar Carmelo Anthony is still with the team and that is why all these articles or rumors about Jeremy Lin playing in New York is a lot of CRAP.

Of course, if Jeremy Lin decides to play for New York then who am I to stop him. I'm just a fan and, as a fan, I'll continue to support and watch him play for whatever team he chooses.

So guys, do you see Jeremy Lin playing for the New York Knicks next season? Share your answers as well as your comments, questions and reactions in the comments section below.

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