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Iglesia Ni Duterte ★ Philippines President Elect Rodrigo Duterte's New Church

Iglesia Ni Duterte ★ Philippines President Elect Rodrigo Duterte's New Church

Are you sick and tired of the Catholic Church or any other kind of Church in the Philippines? Well, if you are then you are in-luck because President Elect Rodrigo Duterte is starting a new church called Iglesia Ni Duterte.

Iglesia Ni Duterte ★ Philippines President Elect Rodrigo Duterte's New Church

Politics in the Philippines has never been this entertaining since, maybe, Former President Joseph Estrada's term of office but that was kinda cut short because he was impeached.

Outgoing President Benigno Aquino Jr. is a funny looking president but he was not very entertaining. In fact, he was kinda annoying because he's always smiling whatever the occasion is.

As for Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte, well, this guy is freaking entertaining. He says the most controversial things and he doesn't freaking care about how everyone will react to what he says.

Most recently, President Elect Rodrigo Duterte has been vigorously attacking the Roman Catholic Church. He even threaten to expose the wrong-doings of the Roman Catholic Church before swearing into office.

President Elect Rodrigo Duterte hates the Roman Catholic Church so much that, in a recent interview, he told everyone to leave the Roman Catholic Church and join his Church instead.

What is this Church you ask? Well, President Elect Rodrigo Duterte called it Iglesia Ni Duterte. Obviously, Iglesia Ni Duterte will most probably focus around himself.

I have no idea what kind of doctrines or teachings or beliefs Iglesia Ni Duterte will preach to its or his followers but I'm pretty sure it won't be based on the Bible.

Also, since it's based on or centered around President Elect Rodrigo Duterte's person, I'm sure all kinds of foul language are allowed in Iglesia Ni Duterte.

Seriously, President Elect Rodrigo Duterte's Iglesia Ni Duterte is the perfect religion or church for those who don't want to follow the norms of the current society which is basically what President Elect Rodrigo Duterte is.

Anyway, President Elect Rodrigo Duterte was probably just joking to spite the Roman Catholic Church when he invited people to join his Iglesia Ni Duterte but, just in-case he wasn't, well, better prepare yourselves for the dawning of a new religious era.

Watch out Roman Catholic Church and other churches in the Philippines because because Iglesia Ni Duterte is coming.

So guys, are you going to join President Elect Rodrigo Duterte's Iglesia Ni Duterte? Share your answers as to why or why not as well as your comments, questions and reactions in the comments section below.

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