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Axanar Lawsuit Is Going Away ★ Long Live Justin Lin

Axanar Lawsuit Is Going Away ★ Long Live Justin Lin

Guys, here is a very very good news to all Axanar fans out there, I'm not really sure how to phrase this but the lawsuit CBS and Paramount has against Axanar, well, it's going away and it's all thanks to Justin Lin.

Axanar Lawsuit Is Going Away ★ Long Live Justin Lin

I found out about this awesome piece of news from Star Trek Axanar's official Twitter account. Based on the Tweet Axanar made, JJ Abrams announced in an event for Star Trek Beyond that Paramount and CBS will drop their lawsuit against Axanar and it will happen soon.

Star Trek Beyond Event

I also found a video in YouTube with JJ Abrams telling the fans in the Star Trek Beyond event about this awesome piece of news and he credited the Director of Star Trek Beyond Justin Lin for it.

According to JJ Abrams, Justin Lin pushed the studio to stop their lawsuit against the fans who are making Star Trek Axanar. You can watch that awesome video which is now part of Earth history in YouTube.

Oh my goodnesss guys, I'm so excited about this because now we will get to see the Star Trek Movie we want to see and that is Star Trek Axanar.

Of course, as my way of thanking Justing Lin, I'm now going to watch his Star Wars version of Star Trek called Star Trek Beyond.

Even before the lawsuit happened, I was not planning on seeing this movie, Star Trek Beyond, because I'm just not a fan of the JJ Abrams Star Wars like Star Trek Universe.

Again, if the lawsuit gets dropped, I won't have a second thought in going to see this Star Trek Beyond movie and I'm going to enjoy it because Justin Lin is freaking awesome for giving us Star Trek Axanar.

So guys, are you excited, are you freaking out right now because I am? If you are or if you are not then share your answers as well as your comments, questions and reactions in the comments section below.

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