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Jon Schnepp ★ Captain America Civil War, Best Action Sequences

Director Jon Schnepp, in his Twitter account said that Captain America has the Best Action Sequences.

One of my favorite YouTube personalities is Director Jon Schnepp. I'm a regular viewer of his Collider Heroes show in YouTube and he is simply a very fun guy to watch.

Now, in his Twitter account, he tweeted and I quote, "Just saw @CaptainAmerica Civil War!!! Wow! Spider-Man Rocks! Best Action Sequences in any superhero film EVER!"

Jon Schnepp Tweeted

Now this is HYPE! I'm already going to the movie with my kids but reading reactions like this one from Jon Schnepp just makes me even more excited and hyped for the movie.

Remember, this is the same guy who didn't love Batman v Superman and that movie has tons of cool action sequences but it seems that Captain America Civil War has much better ones.

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This is also the same guy who hated the Amazine Spider-Man 2 with a passion but now he is saying that Spider-Man ROCKS! Who wouldn't be excited by that?

Anyway guys, you can check out more of Jon Schnepp's tweets about Captain America Civil War in his Twitter account.

Also, he is running a new Kickstarter for his new documentary called Sweaties Unite: Rise of the Uber-Nerd. So go and check that out and help him make his film by pledging.

So guys, are you getting more and more excited to see Captain America Civil War? Please post your answers, comments and reactions in the comments section below.

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