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Trailer Reaction YouTubers Should Never Mess With Spider-Man

Trailer Reaction YouTubers should never ever mess with Spider-Man.

One of the things that I like to do in YouTube besides uploading videos is watching Trailer Reactions by other YouTubers to Superhero movie trailers.

Just recently, Marvel released its second and maybe last Movie Trailer for Captain America Civil War and this movie trailer gave us our first look at Spider-Man.

Now, most of the Trailer Reaction Videos that I've seen are very positive about the movie and about Spider-Man and his new costume.

Of course, there are also Trailer Reaction Videos by YouTubers that were not very positive specially when it comes to Spider-Man's new costume.

Here are screenshots of three Trailer Reaction Videos about Captain America Civil War that said something not very positive about Spider-Man and his costume.

As you can see, these videos have more dislikes than likes because of only one reason and that is they said something negative about Spider-Man's new costume.

Personally, I like the costume because it's a throwback to the old Spider-Man costumes that I grew up watching in television and, based from the Trailer Reactions that I've seen, only a few people didn't like it.

So, to all Trailer Reaction YouTubers never ever mess with Spider-Man because if you do then you'll be bombarded with dislikes from the Spider Universe.

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