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Star Trek Axanar ★ Could Be A Great Star Trek Fan Film If Made

Star Trek Axanar, after seeing Prelude To Axanar, could be a great Star Trek Fan Film but unfortunately it's currently getting sued by CBS/Paramount.

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I'm not the biggest Star Trek fan but I very much like Star Trek. It was one of the few Sci-Fi television shows that I grew up watching on television and Star Trek Online is currently one of my most favorite MMORPGs.

Going back to Star Trek Axanar, I've watched a few Star Trek Fan Films and Star Trek Horizon was the latest one but, unfortunately, I couldn't finish watching it.

Don't get me wrong, for a fan film, Star Trek Horizon was great but there was just too much lens flares and that kinda took me out of the movie.

As for Star Trek Axanar, based on what I've seen in Prelude To Axanar, this movie, if made, could be one of, if not, the best Star Trek Fan Film ever.

The story Star Trek Axanar wants to tell is interesting, the acting, based on Prelude, was great, the production quality looked awesome and, overall, it felt like Star Trek.

Unfortunately for us fans, Star Trek Axanar is currently getting sued for copyright infringement by CBS/Paramount and that stopped them from moving on to production of the film.

Yes, CBS/Paramount owns Star Trek and they have to protect their copyright but it's weird because they're not suing the other Star Trek Fan Films, only Star Trek Axanar.

A lot of people have already given their own opinions, justifications, defense, explanations and whatnot about this legal battle but, for me as a viewer, I just want to see Star Trek Axanar made.

I hope that both parties could come to a certain aggreement that will allow the production of Star Trek Axanar because a lot of Star Trek fans, not just the backers, are really looking forward in seeing it, myself included.

Watch Prelude To Axanar below:

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