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Spider-Man In A Captain America Civil War Trailer And He Looks Like Spider-Man

Spider-man finally appeared in a Captain America Civil War trailer and he looks like Spider-Man.

Spider-Man In A Captain America Civil War Trailer And He Looks Like Spider-Man

I don't know about you guys but I grew up watching the old Spider-Man cartoons and this MCU Spider-Man is just like a throwback to the old Spider-Man costume.

Of course, they updated the look or modernized it but its definitely based on the old Spider-Man costume that I used to watched when I was younger. The red is Spider-Man red and the blue is Spider-Man blue.

By the way, the spiders on Spider-Man's chest and back look exactly if not very similar to what Spider-man's real spider symbols look like.

Also, we are getting Spider-Man's real eyes. Not those shiny and glassy Spider-Man eyes from previous movies but the one from the comic books and cartoons.

Seriously, we are finally getting the real Spider-Man and he is in the MCU fighting alongside the Avengers. How freaking cool is that? Seriously.

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Unfortunately, I'm not a comic book reader so I'm just basing my excitement from the old Spider-Man cartoons. I'm sure many of you out there are big Spider-Man comic book fans and I hope you guys are as happy as me with the costume.

Anyway, if you guys haven't seen the latest and final Captain America Civil War then check it out because it's freaking awesome. I strongly feel that this movie is going to be the best Superhero Movie of the year.

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