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Jeremy Lin And The Hornets Beat The Nets, 104 - 96, 2.21.2016

Jeremy Lin scored in the first half then switched to defense in the second half as the Hornets beat the Nets, 104 to 96.

Jeremy Lin And The Hornets Beat The Nets, 104 - 96, 2.21.2016

Jeremy Lin was magnificent in this game. He showed that he is a threat on both ends of the court. He can score and he can play defense as well.

Jeremy Lin's best offensive quarter was the second quarter where he scored 8 points in less than 4 minutes. He also got 2 rebounds and 1 assists.

In the second half, Jeremy Lin stopped scoring because his shots wouldn't go in. His missed shots were all good shots but they just wouldn't go in.

Even though Jeremy Lin didn't play the third quarter, he came back and played the entire fourth quarter where he relied mostly on his defense.

Don't get me wrong, Jeremy Lin played great defense in the second quarter as well. He even took a couple of charges. One from the giant Brook Lopez and one from Thaddeus Young.

In the fourth quarter, Jeremy Lin had a big play with less than 4 minutes in the game. He helped stop Markel Brown from making an easy lay-up then intercepted the pass to Markel Brown for the steal.

Jeremy Lin, if given another chance as a regular starter, will give any team an almost perfect pointguard because, he is not just a playmaker, he is also a scorer and a great defender.

At the end of the game, Jeremy Lin got 11 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and zero turnovers in 31 minutes of play.

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