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Jeremy Lin, Hairsanity, Charlotte Hornets Beat Miami Heat, 99 - 81, 12.09.2015

Jeremy Lin and his new hair style played a decent game as the Hornets beat the Heat at home, 99 to 81.

Jeremy Lin's best quarter in this game is the first quarter where he only played 4 minutes but in those 4 minutes he was able to score 5 points from a midrange jumper and a 3 point shot.

Jeremy Lin also stopped a Goran Dragic drive to the basket and only made 1 mistake when he was caught with a travelling violation after shuffling his feet too much.

In the second quarter, Jeremy Lin tried a couple of 3 point shots but missed both of them. He did play a total of 7 minutes but I don't think he did a lot in this quarter.

The same can be said with the third and fourth quarter. The only difference from the second quarter is that amazing alley-oop play with Nick Batum.

Spalding Charlotte Hornets Acrylic Table
Spalding Charlotte Hornets Acrylic Table

Don't get me wrong guys, Jeremy Lin was very good in passing the ball. They were received but not completed by the receiver which is what they call a blown assist, I think.

Jeremy Lin still played decently in this game although it may not show in his stats because he only scored 5 points with only 2 assists, 1 shot block and only 1 turnover in 20 minutes of play.

As a Jeremy Lin fan, I'm happy with how he played in this game. I do want to see him take a more leadership role and play more minutes but I digress.

If you have any comments, questions or reactions then don't hesitate to post them in the comments section below.

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