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Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 1 Ladies Night Review (Spoilers)

Hey guys, this is somewhat a spoiler review of the first episode of Marvel's Jessica Jones and this first episode is titled Ladies Night. Please note that this review will contain spoilers so please don't read it if you still haven't watched this episode of  Marvel's Jessica Jones.

First of all guys, this series is very dark and it also has that creepy weird vibe to it. It's also very different from Marvel's Daredevil and this series is also not an origin like the first season of Daredevil was.

This first episode has a couple of sex scenes. The first one was the opening scene which shows what kind of work Jessica Jones does and the second one was with Luke Cage in his apartment. For some reason, Jessica Jones is or was kinda stalking him. I could be wrong though.

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This episode also touched on Same Sex relationship. It seems that, Jessica Jones friend, Trish is having an affair with Neo's lover from the Matrix who, from how I understand it, also has a relationship with another woman. I also think that Jessica Jones and Trish also had a more intimate relationship before. Again, I could be wrong here.

The episode also has a lot of traces of the Purple Man. In fact, the episode was about the Purple Man. He never physically appeared in the episode but he was everywhere. He was in Jessica Jones head and he was also the one who kidnapped and abused this girl named Hope.

Hope's parents went to Jessica Jones for help and it seems that the person that referred them to Jessica Jones was the Purple Man. Unfortunately for the parents, they were shot and killed by their daughter Hope in the elevator as they were going home.

Of course, Hope's action was not her fault because she was obviously still under the Purple Man's control and that's where the episode kinda ended.

This episode also showed how scared or afraid Jessica Jones is of the Purple Man. In fact, she tried to leave the city without solving the case but her conscience or something didn't let her and that lead her to saving Hope.

Overall, these first episode of Jessica Jones is very interesting and I enjoyed it very much. It's kinda slow paced and there aren't a ton of action but Jessica Jones is not that kind of series. It's more like a Crime Drama with a dash of weirdness to it.

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