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Lazada Online Shopping Philippines ★ Delivered Defective & Potentially Dangerous Item

Lazada Online Shopping Philippines, they just delivered me a defective and potentially dangerous item.

Lazada Online Shopping Philippines ★ Delivered Defective & Potentially Dangerous Item

- Bought A Fukuda Desk Fan At Lazada Philippines

A few days ago, our one and only desk fan broke so I went online and purchased a new one at Lazada Philippines. The desk fan that I bought was a Fukuda 16" Plastic Desk Fan and it was on a Buy 1 Take 1 sale.

Yesterday, the desk fans were delivered by Lazada Express and it only took Lazada Philippines 3 days to deliver the purchased item.

- Defective Fan Is Dangerous

After removing the two fans from their boxes, I inspected each one and found that one of the fans has a loose screw that was moving around inside the motor compartment.

This loose screw was supposed to be screwed tightly on the motor but instead it was loose and moving around inside and that is potentially dangerous because, if I didn't checked the fans, it could have caused a spark when plugged in.

Seriously, it only takes a very small spark to create a very dangerous and large fire.

- Returning A Purchased Item Is Free

I immediately returned both fans inside their boxes and went to LBC to return the item for replacement. Returning a defective item back to Lazada through LBC is free of charge.

Now, as for FUKUDA, who is selling this item in Lazada Philippines, please make sure your items are safe to use before sending them to your buyers.

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