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Daredevil Netflix Series, Ben Urich, What Happened? (Spoiler Alert)

Daredevil Netflix Series, what happened to Ben Urich, did he die in the series?

Daredevil Netflix Series, Ben Urich, What Happened?

Guys, this is a spoiler and with that said, if you haven't seen the new Daredevil series in Netflix then simply stop watching this video.

One of the characters that kinda grew on me while watching Daredevil was Ben Urich (not sure if I'm saying his last name correctly). In the Daredevil Netflix series, Ben was a reporter for the New York Bulletin and he was working with Matt, Foggy and Kate investigate Wilson Fisk.

His investigation got him fired from his work and he was eventually murdered by Wilson Fisk because Wilson Fisk didn't appreciate the fact that Ben involved Wilson's mother.

When Wilson Fisk was choking Ben to death I was I kinda hoping for Daredevil to show up and save him because I didn't want Ben to die but, unfortunately, Daredevil didn't show up and Ben died.

I was kinda bummed by Ben's death because I liked his character and I was kinda curious to know how he'll transition from reporter to blogger.

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  1. I really like this review about Daredevil Netflix, daredevil is one of my favourite character in any tv series. I also know that all episodes of daredevil premiered on 10 April 2015.


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