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Paul Junior Wins American Chopper Live Bike Build-Off For The SecondTime

I wasn't able to watch the live show but Screen Rant already revealed that Paul Junior had once again took the Best Bike Builder title in this year's American Chopper Live: The Revenge Bike Build-Off. Paul Junior and his team took first place while the rookies or newcomers, Gas Monkey Garage, took home second place.
Paul Junior raised his arms in victory.
(Paul Junior raised his arms in victory)

Unfortunately, Screen Rant didn't mention who got third place and fourth place. If I could make a guess then I would give Senior third place and Jesse James the last spot. Jesse James deserved last place because he didn't finish in time and did more talking than building. Seriously, this guy should work as a commentator in a radio program because he never stops talking about how good he is.

Paul Junior deserved to win because what he built was a work of art. The classic cars theme was represented very well on the bike and it has that wow factor to it. When it comes to building custom themed bikes, Paul Junior is definitely the man to beat. He knocks it out of the ballpark every time.

Here are some photos of his awesome custom themed bike built for American Chopper Live: The Revenge.

Paul Junior's Chopper Live: The Revenge Bike

Paul Junior's Chopper Live Bike

Paul Junior's Chopper Live: The Revenge Bike

Compared to the other bikes in the Bike Build Off, Junior's Classic Car Themed Bike stood out the best. It looks more creative and it's something you'd want to display for other people to see. It's rideable but I wouldn't risk riding a work of art. I'm sure Paul Junior is capable of building a rode worthy bike but this one was built for your eyes only.

I'm very happy that Paul Junior won Chopper Live for the second time but I'm also sad because the end of Chopper Live: The Revenge is also the end of the American Chopper series. I'm not a big fan of the drama between the father and his two sons but I did enjoy watching them build great custom bikes and I will definitely miss that.

Hopefully, Paul Junior can comeback with a new show that's all about building custom themed bikes and with no family drama involved.

By the way, Paul Junior winning again only shows that he is definitely a much, much better bike designer than that goofy Jason Pohl.

To learn more about Chopper Live: The Revenge, click here!

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