American Chopper: Junior vs Senior Is Gone

Posted in Television on October 1st, 2012 by R.O.M.E.L.O.

American Chopper: Junior vs Senior is one of my favorite shows in Discovery Channel. Unfortunately, it aired its last season and it has been replaced by a previous show. The new show is still about custom theme bikes but it's no longer Junior vs Senior.

One of my favorite shows in Discovery Channel is American Chopper: Junior vs Senior. I don’t really care much for the drama and I think the show can do without any of it but what I really enjoy about the show is watching how Paul Junior and his team build custom theme bikes.

American Chopper New Season 2012
(American Chopper New Season 2012. Image Credit: Discovery Channel)

Of course, OCC or Orange County Choppers is also in the show but the way Senior and his team build their bike is boring. They just take a 3D rendered picture, build the pieces and slap them together. With Paul Junior and his team, the building process is more interesting because they collaborate and create the design as they build the bike which gives birth to some really exciting and beautiful designs.

Unfortunately, American Chopper: Junior vs Senior is no more. It has been replaced by a previous show in Discovery Channel called American Chopper. Okay, I kinda lied a little because it’s practically the same show but American Chopper is not Junior vs Senior. For me, Junior vs Senior was more interesting because there was an unofficial competition between the two.

Now that the show is back to being American Chopper only, I’m not sure if they’ll still have that competitiveness between them. My guess is, Discovery opted to go back to American Chopper because Junior simply overpowered his old man in the build-offs and the format was also making Senior seem more like a villain in the show.

I’ve watched the first four episodes of the new American Chopper season and Senior’s indifference towards Junior is almost non-existent anymore. I guess this season will be more about reconciliation and building a new father and son relationship between Junior and Senior.

Unfortunately, it’s still drama. It may not be the kind of drama that existed before in earlier seasons but it’s still drama and I don’t really care about that. All I care about in the show is to see them, specially Paul Junior and his team, build more cool and amazing custom theme bikes.

And speaking of custom theme bikes, below are the two bikes Paul Junior and his team designed and built-in the first four episodes of the new American Chopper show in Discovery Channel.

Geico’s Armed Forces Bike by PJD

Geico's Armed Forces Bike
(Image Credit: Paul Jr. Designs)

The design of this custom theme bike is simply amazing. I love everything about it, the wheels, the paint job, the exhaust, etc.

Loopster Trike by PJD

Loopster Trike by PJD
(Image Credit: Paul Jr. Designs)

This trike is another amazing creation by PJD and it has a couple of unique features. First is the exhaust, it may look like the one in Geico’s Armed Forces bike but it’s not. The second unique thing about this bike is that it’s not actually a trike because it has five wheels instead of three.

To see more bikes by Paul Jr. Designs, click here!

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